Molodi is a band of body percussionists who incorporate and fuse traditional African American stepping, Tap and South African gumboot along with using the influences of social issues into an undeniable contemporary style that isn’t confined to a specific set of rules. Having frequent collaborations with actors, acoustic bands, singers, slam poets, rappers and dancers of all different backgrounds allows for a versatile performance everytime. Audience members can be guaranteed they will never see the same Molodi show twice because there is always a level of improvisation and experimentation that lends itself to connecting the artists with the audience on a more personal level. Molodi’s Rhythmic punch infuses itself into audience members who suddenly realize that instead of watching the show, they are part of the show. Our overall goal with Molodi is not to simply merge art forms together, but to let the art thrive in its contemporary setting and inspire a sense of unity among all people through rhythm, collaboration and personal expression.