PAtv Video Countdown Class

Wanna have some fun? Dust off your legwarmers, tease up your hair and find an awesome track from your favorite mix tape. The 80s are back at Positively Arts and we want your rad talent to recreate a MTV Top 20 Video Countdown.

This 9-week (virtual, in-person or watch later) class will be TOTALLY TUBULAR and has plenty of opportunities to share your bodacious talent! By the end of the class, we will have 20 music videos featuring local singers, actors, dancers and musicians. This is our time to get totally creative as we recreate this 80s themed video countdown.

80s music is like no other! It was a time of synthesizers, far out music videos, epic guitar solos and incredible voices. And in the 80s, MTV actually was Music Television and was hosted by Video Jockeys (aka VJs, not to be confused with DJs).

The class will involve lots of independent activities to create, develop and perform your role within the production of a music video. Each week will have a new lesson, activity and assignment to have prepared and/or delivered or uploaded prior to the next class. Students will have the opportunity to learn what it takes to create an ‘end product’ (even learn how to compose and record music!) and be able to hone their skills (and the art of self-taping!) along the way. Students will get the opportunity to work with professionals and experienced artists in their areas of interest!

Classes will be on Mondays & Saturdays each week for 9 weeks from Jan. 30th – March 29th with the livestream performance on Saturday, April 17th, 2021 on our Positively Arts YouTube Channel and Facebook Page.

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May 15 2021


2:30 pm - 4:30 pm