About Positively Arts

Positively Arts is a 501c3 non-profit charity dedicated to using the arts to EMPOWER, INSPIRE, and to HEAL. EMPOWER by creating positive performance arts opportunities for students despite their financial need or accessibility to the arts. Positively Arts gives them the chance to shine, gain confidence, and feel proud of their accomplishments onstage. We encourage creating art for arts sake alone, not for fame or accolades. We INSPIRE by bridging the gap between the aspiring artist and the professional artist. Get Launched Vegas directly pairs students with headliners and exemplifies our mission of mentorship, inspiration, and collaboration. And finally, we HEAL through our anti-bullying school tours and our overall anti-bullying message. We believe in creating a safe and supportive environment for our students. For example, in our Broadway Dreamers performing arts school, instead of getting a prize at the end of the day for the best singer or best dancer, we give out a Showmanship Award to those students who showed the best love, support, and respect within class that day. Also, the kids are encouraged to write "Happy Notes" to one another every day, writing something positive and encouraging to their fellow students. Only in this environment can students truly feel free vulnerable enough to express themselves artistically and to the fullest of their abilities.

For a town that claims to be "The Entertainment Capital", Las Vegas' community of professional artists seems to exist in a disparate world than the community of aspiring artists right here in the Valley; namely, the students of the Clark County School District (CCSD). Working under the guidance and supervision of the CCSD's Fine Arts Department and School Community Partnership Office, Positively Arts bridges the gap between the professional and aspiring artist, making a meaningful impact on public education in and through the arts.

Positively Arts' solution is two-fold. First, generate arts funding for the classrooms, after-school programs, anti-bullying school tours, and scholarships for the performing arts. Second, use Positively Arts-trained teaching artists to empower and inspire students through our Broadway Dreamers performing arts school, as artists in residence in schools, and as mentors to students through our Get Launched Vegas series. It is our continuing mission to not only strengthen public education through arts-integration programs, but to keep the arts alive by showcasing the talents of both professional and aspiring artists within the Las Vegas community.

The generosity of our donors is vital as we continue our efforts here in the Clark County School District and neighboring communities. We are always looking for volunteers who wish to strengthen our existing programs. We're also looking for in-kind donations to our raffles and silent auctions.

If you are a teaching artist and wish to donate your time and expertise to Positively Arts, please contact us at: info@pafgive.org. You may join one of our existing programs or even design and implement your OWN arts program in the school district! The possibilities are endless! Help write a note in a child's song and sign up to be a teaching artist today!

Board Members

Pilita Simpson

Elizabeth Matthews

Juan Cantu

David DeMato

Katerina Wallace


Jason Andino

Marc Antonelli

John Arnold

Francesca Camus

Jeff Civillico

Savannah Cross

Tish Diaz

William Evans

Angie Freeman

Khalid Freeman

Anthony James Johnson

Paul Johnson

Ashley Loren

Anne Martinez



Brandon Nix

Justin Sargent

Enoch Augustus Scott

Lisa Marie Smith

Robert Torti

Janien Valentine

Derrick Williams

Adrian Zmed


3 Amigos LLV
Alexander Clements
Andrew Ragone - Phantom/Showstoppers
Andrew Wright - Ava's Avengers
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Caine Keenan - Cirque Du Soleil
Casa Foundation
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Cirque Du Soleil Holding USA Inc.
Corwyn Hodge - MO5AIC
Craftwork Restaurants & Breweries
David Richardson - Rock of Ages
Dean Balan
Deidre Lang - Lion King/Rock of Ages
Discovery Children's Museum
Donald Irby Gray
Donna Venet
Doug Bynon
Dr. Candace Spann
Dr. Haydee Docasar
Dragonboat Racing Association
Dreamweaver Foundation
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Eliot Bares
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Findlay Honda
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Flip for Me Booster Club
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Keepin' It Country
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Scholarships & Contributions

Abdu Wasi
Alex Orr
Alizé Cruz
Alyvia Lindsey
Araz Asherian
Arbor View High School
Bonanza High School
Cat Rian LLC
Cboyz LLC
Cooper Macalalad
Coronado High School
Dakota Humphries
Dean Balan
Del Sol Academy of the Performing Arts
Desert Pines High School Mariachi
Dragonboat Festival
Eldorado High School
Elijah San Nicolas
Ethan Burnette
Jordyn Rex
Katelyn Murphy
Kayla Erhardt
Kung Fu Academy
Las Vegas Academy
Master Class Academy
Melanson Family
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New Horizons Center for Learning
Pinecrest Academy Cadence
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Rori Waters
Sara Tesfaye
Starz on Broadway
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Winter Garden Pageant